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For those of you that haven't heard...

We've changed our name!

While our name may have changed, our vision remains the same: Deliver superior consulting and design solutions for print and web.

Why Amphora? 

Amphora, meaning "two handled carrier" in Greek, is a pottery container used to store liquids like oil or wine (and we love good food and wine). This container was also used to depict a pictorial story. That's what we do! We are a vessel that carries your visual message- both powerful and memorable.

Amphora, Greek, Attributed to the "Acheloos Painter," c. 530

As your outsourced design team, Amphora Design provides the processes and tools to deliver a serious return on your investment.

Design, technology and marketing are keys to reaching your customers. From concept through implementation, we listen to you and determine the right options and resources. An eye on simplicity- from our process to our design style- makes Amphora Design architects of solutions.

Amphora Design         Creative Design. Logical Solutions.